Monday, June 17, 2013

Mom working towards her 15min of fame

My mom, the luddite of luddites, has made it onto YouTube.

She was present at the announcement of Ken Ulman, the current Howard County Executive, being named the running mate to Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown. My parents have been involved in local and state-level politics ever since some of their PTA friends (yay for involved parents!) started running for offices. And although mom and dad get the occasional, "What's ___ doing at your networking social? They're a Republican!", what it boils down to is that all these people are my parents' friends, regardless of party lines.

Anthony Brown, Governor 2014 | Anthony Brown’s Running Mate will be Howard County Executive Ken Ulman
Mom sat about four rows back of the podium and appears at the top left of the screen during the announcement.
so on the Youtube clip, she appears at 0:26, 0:41, 0:50, and 1:25.

(I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. My family and friends are super supportive and consistently make it into commemoration of significant events in my life. My mom is in a photo in my college freshman yearbook. The whole family made it into crowd scans on at least two of my tap DVDs. And when the Tap Pups were on CBS Sunday Morning, I was onscreen for a single frame, and my then-4yo buddy C was onscreen for about 5 seconds of a 6min nationally televised clip.)

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