Monday, September 22, 2014

Bungalow for sale!

So, who wants to, or knows someone who wants to, buy a wonderful bungalow just north of Harrisburg? Fenced yard for pets, slate courtyard perfect for entertaining! Hot tub stays! Perfect for an individual, or a young couple, or a pair of roommates. We're entertaining all reasonable offers.

Motivated owner.
Immediate occupancy.
All that good stuff.

(real estate info here)

Please join us in praying for the new owners... our hope is that they step up soon, & our trust is in God's perfect timing.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Boogie-woogie sheep

I had forgotten entirely about the boogie-woogie sheep! They (& Ernie) tap dance!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why walk when you can dance?

Why don't people dance more in public? Maybe all it takes is a little outside stimulation.

Where do I get one of these?

Mine are glued and screwed.

So glad to be in a parade with my tap sisters and tap brothers! We celebrated Highspire's Bicentennial today. And whereas Harrisburg has a St Pat's parade every year, how often does a town have a bicentennial? (Don't think too hard on that one.)
photo source: Vicki's Tap Pups, LLC on Facebook
  • "Mine are glued and screwed." "Better be careful who you say that to!"
  • "Oh, it's a Tortilla song!"

photos mine:

Elbows! (Andrea's call for it was better)

When in doubt, hold your beltloops!

Gonna miss everyone! No goodbyes, just "see ya later"s!

Look, I'm taller than Becky!
photo source: M Rebecca Long

photo source: Janet Shatto Baderak

5-6-7-8 Tap Pups!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Do what you love

source: honestly, I found it on a playbuzz quiz

ISJ cd launch party

"You're here!  I thought you were not here anymore at all!  But you're here!"

"That's my party trick, I pull out the banjo!"  (Joe then proceeded to cover Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, on banjo.)

"Who gave the drummer a mic?"

What a delightful end to a day full of boxes!  (Everything I've ever owned is in a box.  But there are no boxes in the moving van.  It makes a small house super small, in a "my house is too small!" "invite the chickens indoors" "cows in the house" sense.  Next week our house Ia gonna feel huge! And while I did put everything I expect to need in a closet labeled "Do not pack", I failed to label it "Keep access clear."  Rookie mistake.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Goodbye is spelled F-O-O-D

Goodbye is spelled F-O-O-D.

Hello is too.  We have three new babies in our church this month so far -- that's a lot of casserole dishes zipping from house to house.  There's definitely a love language of "eat more!" 

Big Frog said that when we move, he definitely needs to prioritize finding a breakfast prayer group.  In his last week living in PA, he has eaten with the Dennitarians, the Church of Perkins, and the men's coffee group.  Collab had a kickoff picnic which, at our suggestion from last year, intentionally invited spouses and families.  Also, on virtually no notice for a sendoff dinner on a busy night, we introduced 8 people from the worship team to dim sum (literally, "to touch the heart"; practically, "Chinese tapas") at China Tea House (best Chinese food in Central PA).*

* Great WSJ article about making dim sum here.

Have we taken photos at any of these gatherings?  No.  Should we have?  Maybe.  But sometimes we (I) need to get out from behind the lens to relish the time with people.

On Big Frog's last Sunday at NCF (and as a PA resident; we packed the car the night before and he drove down to NC direct from church), our church also brought us to the front to send us off properly.  They presented us with a coffeetable book on PA that they'd signed, and had cookies after worship.  We even sang Earl's favorite hymn and mine during service.  (Part of that is making your wishes known.  While there is often cake for a sendoff, I'd emailed in that I really wasn't a cake person but loved cookies.  And with our ties to the worship team, I had no qualms about dropping an unsubtle hint about song suggestions.  That being said, I meant it to be a surprise for Earl, but I didn't doublecheck the cc list before sending the email.  Oh well.  Of all things.)

You brought a what to where?

... today's orientation (day 2 of 3) was on safety (yesterday was HR & tomorrow is Quality/Lean Manufacturing). I'm sure all of my former ACT co - workers will know what I'm referring to when I mention that one of the Cardinal Safety Rules end with "TE Connectivity does not provide second chances for anyone to kill or permanently disable themselves or their co - workers. "

Sunday, September 7, 2014

attitudes and cacti

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Come visit us at Credo!


Big Frog took a new job.
And not a job in the building next door to his previous job (although it's the same company!)
We're moving south.
To North Carolina.

(We are so glad to be doing this now, in the internet age, and not 5 or 10 years ago, let alone in 1981, when my parents moved from Michigan to Maryland.)

We took 2 different househunting trips and looked at 40+ homes (really.), culled from the scores of homes we looked at online. (Amazing realtor.  Very much in tune with what we were looking for.  And bend-over-backwards go-the-extra-mile service.)  (Not like the unethical listing agent of one of our first favorites, who let us do a walkthru even though it had already been sold.  She didn't cancel our first visit, nor tell us when we called asking for a second visit on the same day.  It wasn't until we were talking numbers that she admitted that the sellers had already accepted an offer.  Because of that burn, we were hypercautious about being aboveboard on everything.)

And we took the plunge.

photos from The house was listed in April; the dogwoods are obviously not in bloom in Sept.

We're naming this home "Credo", which is Latin (and Spanish) for "I believe".

Goal date is to close on October 3.  Please keep praying!  We know there are a lot of steps ahead, both with Credo and divesting ourselves of Selah.

God is faithful.
And Big Frog told me he's excited to see who comes to stay with us first.
Exciting times indeed!

(PS EOPS is, as always, on Palm Sunday.  This year we're hosting the annual potluck at our actual home!  And we're extending our timetable on it to potentially two meals, lunch and dinner, because we have pastor-friends who are local on a slightly bigger scale than we've drawn from in years past.  We hope you can join us, but we hope also that you'll visit us long before then.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

6sec challenge - change someone's story!

Change someone's story!

Not very comforting

We didn't pay extra to choose our seats in advance, so we ended up flying rows and rows apart.  Not a big deal, but...

Big Frog: I like flying next to you.  You hold my hand when there's turbulence.
Middle Frog: Oh.  There was turbulence?  I was sleeping. 
...Who (ostensibly a complete stranger) was next to you?  Whose hand did you hold?
Big Frog: My own!  And when a guy who's freaking out holds the hand of a guy who's freaking out, it's not very comforting!

Cousins' league

I'm glad  for cousins, and glad for welcoming cousins who host the live draft.  

arroz con pollo: So, who's coming in 2nd this year?

commish: Hey!  Hey!  What's the word, "collusion"!

Pinchers of Power: Who's up?
everyone else: YOU!

da g.o.a.t: Double confirmation!  Got a "Great pick" from MVYee, and a fart sound from my brother.

arroz con pollo: If this was 2007, my team would be killing it.

commish: All deliberating over players we're gonna drop.

arroz con pollo: Hey, psalms91, just so you know, the kicker you just drafted definitely got released.
commish: Really?  Thanks, psalms91!  I've had him in my queue for like 5min.

E: [The cake] says more than Happy Birthday!  It says "Happy Birthday Champ!"
-Because "Happy birthday one-time Champ" was frowned upon.
-"Once and done?"  (It's all about subtext.)
-They didn't have room for "But now it's a new season."