Saturday, June 8, 2013

Life Lessons: Blinky Sneakers

Note to self: If the room is going to be dark, the shoes shouldn't blink.

It should first be pointed out that I can wear kid-sized sneakers. And kid shoes cost significantly less than adult shoes. And I have no problems being frugal, although I try not to be cheap. It's all about value.

I remember, when blinky sneakers first came out, one of my friends in a similar situation actually whited out the lights on her kid-sized sneakers, to make them look like they were adult sneakers. I don't think there's any way to make the lights stop, and with the delightful energy efficiency and longevity of LEDs, it's almost a guarantee that the sneakers will wear out before the lights die.

Maybe we need sneakers with an on-off switch?1 Like for in the theater? For those days when I bring a 2yo who loves to dance to a dance recital? Good thing we were sitting in row EE and were surrounded by friends.3

1 And what ever happened to lace-themselves sneakers? Michael J Fox, Nike, two years! 1985 + 30 years = 20152. Tick tock.
2 All other dates are photoshopped, even though the meme persists. The DeLorean went 30 years back in time and 30 years forward in time. Yes, it could have been programmed for any day ever, but in the movie, Doc set it for 30 years in each direction.
3 By contrast, when similar happened to my friends at the planetarium, the guide stopped the narrative cold to "request", "Will the parents whose kid is wearing blinky shoes please take the shoes off?"

C has been dancing two years with Studio 91, and delightedly told me today that next year, she's taking both ballet AND tap.

A girl and her faithful supporters.

And presiding over her celebratory lunch afterwards.

Comparing the girl and her groupies this year and last year:

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