Sunday, November 29, 2015


Source: -- evidently they do these with some consistently, not just for Advent.

Monday, November 2, 2015


You know what would make this whole grieving process better?  Fluoride.  It's the sixth stage of grief.

No self-respecting gardener uses foam gourds.


Recently, oddly late in the evening, I was driving home and passed a McDonalds.  And I had a sudden, inexplicable hankering for hashbrowns.  Which, due to the breakfast-all-day phenomenon, I can now get any time of day at McDonalds.  (IHOP did it first!) (But hey, hashbrowns!  We'll take it!)  As I had been driving awhile (and squeezing awhile), I decided to stop in instead of going through the drive-thru.  Then serendipity struck.

I ordered my hashbrowns and stood back to wait as what looked like a youth group came in.  And a young guy placed his order and added, "And she wants a Snoopy."  My ears perked up.  Whatever could that mean?  I want a Snoopy!

With The Peanuts Movie coming out, they have Happy Meal toys of all our good buddies!  And even better yet, when the cashier brought a pair of Schroeders, and the gent said that it wasn't Snoopy (although Snoopy was on the piano, and SPINS when you press the button!), she went back to the back, dug through the box, and pulled out every variety they had on hand.  Callou!  Callay!  I went home with a spinning Snoopy on Schroeder's piano, a bobblehead Woodstock, and a wheeled World War I Flying Ace.  And I thoroughly enjoyed my hashbrowns.

 We plan to see the movie over Thanksgiving.  So when I called my friend just to chat, she was excited for both hashbrowns and Happy Meal toys.  And she's headed to McDonalds today.