Saturday, June 8, 2013


M's newest favorite song is My God is so Big, and so Strong and so Mighty/There's nothing my God cannot do. And lest you think it's the happy, tinkly Sunday School song, you should know that while the message is the same, the delivery is a hard-charging hip hop beat.
Last year at VBS, not only did he not do the motions to any of the songs, he often was distractingly sullen at music time. Sometimes even run-offish.
This year he has the CD and is singing along and looking so forward to "going to your church every day!"
That's serious progress.
The theology, as with all of us, has a ways to go.

M: [sings] My God is so Big, and so Strong, and so Mighty/There's nothing my God cannot do...
Nothing? There's nothing God can't do?
(side note: I've been working on getting "can't" out of M's vocab and replacing it with "I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me!" Also a work in progress.)
me: God can do whatever God wants!
[subtly inserting some application] And we are so blessed that sometimes God uses people to make things happen. To teach us, or help us grow...
M: God makes things grow.
me: Yup! God makes the grass grow, right?
M: Uh huh.
me: Does grass have to work to grow? It just grows, right? That's God's plan, too.
M: Yeah...
me: And God makes kids grow!
M: God uses cake to make kids grow.
me: Cake?
M: Birthday cake.

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