Monday, June 17, 2013

Convention bullet points, part 2

close of Addison's opening speech
  • This can happen for me and my family.
    Stop talkin' about what you're gonna do and GO DO IT.
    Not the Future, the NOW.
    At some point, gotta snap! Gotta quit sticking a toe in and JUMP IN and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


  • How would my life be different now if i were free?
    Either design a life of freedom or live a life of bondage -Chris Koob

  • We gon' throw you in a jersey, gon' put you in the game, and see what you're made of. -Mary Walker
  • Don't think for a minute that the dream inside you, as yet unseen, is not making a difference.
    You are going for something... or you are going nowhere -Kara Dower
  • Where we are is not the definition of who we are, it's where we're going...
    "You wait 'til you see my next six months!" -Cindy Kicklighter
  • When you're born you look like your parents, but when you die, you look like your choices. -Lisa Jones
  • As long as you don't quit, you'll beat everybody out there -Susan Carreon

Sat Closing Session
  • Asking myself: for the set-your-head: If we went RVP and could choose our Jimmy-school intro music, what would you like?

Wall of Fame
  • H!!!!!!!!!!!
    May need a whole 'nother H post!
  • Always go up whenever you have a chance. The whole team (Not really. But why would you not go up front??) went up for the Naylors' promotion but worked their way back to their seats. Why wouldn't you stay up front once you put the effort in to get up there?
  • Later on, for the next recognition, I was poking people to go up front and a teammate directly asked, "Is there anyone related to us?" They're all related to us! If I were stranded anywhere and could get to a phonebook, I would call the nearest Primerica office and I know I would be welcomed and aided! That's what family does.

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