Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Yeegue

Before I got married, I didn't ever watch football.
And, as far as I knew, neither did Big Frog.
(Messiah College Football! Undefeated since 1909!)
Yeah, I was wrong. Big Frog loves watching football.

So I came to understand football, and then I grew to enjoy it.

Although we do have a mixed marriage.
I'm a Baltimoron, and Big Frog cheers for the forces of darkness. We also each cheer for Big 10 teams from our home states. Yeah, there are a couple head-to-head weekends in our household. This year one of those games is on Thanksgiving Day. And we'll be in Bawlmer.
Fantasy Football is an entirely different animal. And in our league, we have all kinds of involvement. (And individuals' involvement varies as the season progresses.) We do actively recruit cousins who don't love (American) Football. (Even Bawlmer has won a Grey Cup.) If you want more background on fantasy sports, I highly recommend the ESPN 30 for 30 film Silly Little Game. Or this slightly random Youtube bit on Sports Stereotypes: Fantasy Football

So my Fantasy Football team is not 3-0. But it's not 0-3 either. (Neither are my Ravens. Which is more than I can say about some geographically-close, still-not-a-rivalry teams I could think of. Or some rivalry teams within the division, and within the household.)

But sometimes the games we play aren't the main games. Like the last time I played Enchanted Forest with the cousins and I made it into a game of Sorry (aka send pieces back to the start). I remember playing console games with my brother and having very little natural ability. So rather than developing ability, I played my own game: collect coins and/or rings. Murg would complete the level and I would have a mess of coins collected.

So, similarly...
Today I got a line of green I've never ever seen in Fantasy Football.
And it may not be a something that's even on your radar.
But this is my fourth year pursuing a week's perfection in the game-within-a-game, "Pick 'Em".
And this finally happened:

There's even a medal for it! Who knew?

Hopefully my team picks up and this doesn't become the highlight of my season.

And, tangentially, playing retro console video games with siblings but without past experience with those games, here's Felicia and Ryan Day in Co-Optitude.

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