Monday, September 9, 2013

PA Ren Faire - Barely Balanced returns for the first time in 3 years! Welcome back!

Welcome back!
Barely Balanced, our favoritest group ever to grace the PA Ren Faire, has been absent from the PA Ren Faire for three years (But has been going to MD Ren Fest and in fact will be there for the rest of September. MDRF, you better appreciate what you have!!!)

Rolla Bolla. Which is to say, Cam on the Rolla Bolla, with Marge on his shoulders. And Marge juggles machetes.


Shelli Buttons tops of feet

My Ren Faire photo album, which actually contains multiple years of Fairegoing and other events as well, is on Facebook HERE*

* (And I appreciate any suggestions for easily making slideshows for blogs. I have a software for making .mp4 slideshow, but that's not really what's called for here.)
Some quotables from today include:
  • Audiences love armpits! -Jimmy/Large
  • (to the sound guys) Can I get some power? (to all) Yay for the magic amplifying nipple! -Cameron/Medium
  • The voices in my head are getting louder. But at least they're giving good advice. -cheer wench at the joust, after the PA gave some preshow warnings
And finally, the best renaissance call-and-response ever:
Random Dude: I say "blood", you say "shed!" Blood!
Horde of passerby: Shed!
Dude: Blood!
Horde: Shed!
Dude: I say "sanguinary", you say "garage!" Sanguinary!
Horde: Garage!
Dude: Sanguinary!
Horde: Garage!
Dude: They're the same thing.
Also, for your reading pleasure, have a Pennlive article on making up backstory and interacting with guests, also know as "if you were wearing a rosette at the Faire": Wench for a day

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