Friday, September 6, 2013

Frog Trouble

Sandra Boynton's newest book-and-album released this week!1 And with Big Frog's and my penchant for (plush) frog collecting and his love for country music, Frog Trouble was an obvious purchase for us.2 It is both adorable and delightful. My favorite tracks are the title song, sung by Mark Lanegan and the Falls Mountain Cowboys and Broken Piano, sung by Ben Folds. Oh, and Alligator Stroll, a line dance for littles!, sung by Josh Turner.

1 It currently is "#1 best seller in Children's Frog and Toad books", which seems to me an oddly specific and Arnold Lobel-like category.
2 We do not yet have the corresponding plush cowboy frog named Zeke, so if anyone finds the Boynton cowboy-hat-wearing critter, please let us know!

source: Sandra Boynton's Youtube channel

Boynton also was interviewed at length by Tracy Smith of CBS Sunday Morning. Evidently the Boynton farm has the only hippopotamus weathervane in New England. Who knew?

(We actually know Tracy personally as she was the one who did the piece on Vicki's Tap Pups last year. (I collated the Tap Pups piece and its related teasers and put them on YouTube here.)
PS Sandra Boynton posted that plush cowboy friends, Willie, Zeke, and their brothers, will be available at Cracker Barrel starting 10/10/2013.

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