Saturday, September 28, 2013

My, how you've changed!

We love murder mysteries.
We read them, we watch them, we discuss and compare them...
But nothing compares to getting to BE in one. You might die, you might kill someone off, and you most certainly (ok, I most certainly) will plant some red herrings in others' minds.

This was our fourth Fredricksen Library murder mystery.1
The premise of this one was a 10-year college reunion, Opossum State2 University.

1 And we've each, through no fault of our own, gotten one right.
2 Not a state!

So, as with many reunions, our yearbook photos were on our nametags. Kind of.
The fabulous adult programs coordinator handed it to me, and informed me, "Here's your nametag -- evidently you were Caucasian in college." Who knew?

Later in the evening, superlative nominations went out -- I got "Most Changed". And because of that, I got to take a centerpiece home.

BTW, while we're throwing in life quotes from murder mysteries, there's always, "There is no HAAL!  I'm Hal!"

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