Friday, October 10, 2014

some random bits

  • I'm definitely in the south. Earlier today I saw a fast food lettered sign advertising fried bologna and Velveeta sandwiches.
  • My nails are purple, except for my ring fingernails are glitter orange. Without Brenda choosing purple and orange for her wedding (two kids ago), I never would have done this. But I've always drunk orange and purple Kool-Aid, and it's a pleasure to get to drink them both in October. Let's go Bawlmer Birds!
  • a quote from WBAL: "With the rain tonight, I hope the fans stick around." "They've been sticking around for 12 or 13 years. They'll stick a little longer."
  • Further proof of our God being a God of abundance: My first trip to Harris Teeter today, and I was going to pick up a 2L of Cheerwine (Addicted already. It's like an even better Dr Pepper.). Also unexpectedly found some Maine Blueberry Soda which reminded me of our trip to Thomas WV, and which I unsuccessfully to get Wegmans Mechanicsburg to carry. Charmed, I thought to myself, "God is so good! Wouldn't it be funny if there were Vernor's (a cream-soda-like ginger ale from Detroit) here too?" There was. When I got home, I asked Earl what he thought would be the most unexpected drinkable find in this area. He said Troegs. Whose Troegenator I remember seeing in the Octoberfest beer display, and which ostensibly is also in the year-round beer aisle as well.
  • Tangentially but more generally, I'm still thrown to walk around the corner at Target and see a wall of beer. Definitely not in PA anymore.

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  1. I felt the same when I came around the corner in the Kroger's in Texas and saw 20 different gun magazines in the magazine racks.