Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I think I'm gonna like it here

Ok, maybe it's not quite like that.   But we found a great Asian market (technically Asian-slash-Latino), and pho,  and bubble tea, which makes me happy.
But we got there via main roads, & on the way back, the gps took us via "shortest route".
me: I like the main roads better.  I'm sure during the day this is perfectly fine... see, car sales, a church...
Big Frog: Body parts warehouse...
(Remember, we've just been to the asian market,  where they have pig uterus & hog maw (pig stomach) & tripe just as readily as they have chops & steaks.  Salt cod, anyone?)
Big Frog: I'm sure they mean car parts!
me: (laughing nervously) Sticking to the main roads!

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