Sunday, October 19, 2014

ABC (the taste of Detroit)

Went to the *only* Chinese food place in town that's been recommended to us, and actually a few people have recommended it when we ask for "good Chinese food" locally.  

Was delighted to find mapo tofu on the "Cantonese" menu (there's a back page to the regular menu that evidently is a special insert).

Also found on the regular menu, Chicken Gai Ding.  Could it be?  The elusive ABC, almond boneless chicken, the Detroit staple not found in all of MD.  Could it possibly have surfaced in Kernersville NC?  (Kernersville: where the duck sauce and spicy mustard were, incongruously, not in the little plastic cups on wire racks, but instead in squeeze bottles on each table.)

Regrettably, it was an egg-based white-sauce chicken along the same lines as cashew chicken, but this time with almond slices.  Not the same.  THIS is real ABCI'm drooling here.

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