Friday, October 3, 2014

I named my fish after you!

Big Frog got to Skype with his Collab  mentees the other day.  They greeted him with, "How's the afterlife?" and, "Welcome back from the dead!", which neither he nor I knew anything about.  Don't you think that we would know at least something?

Turns out, one of our wonderful relationship-minded Collab friends, who was on the call, had come in the other day, mournfully reporting, "Big Frog died," which shocked her teammates, who had no idea that anything was even wrong with my hubby.

Fortunately, we're all getting better at asking good questions to get to the bottom of the matter.  The team quickly learned how much this fabulous, hula-hooping individual appreciated & respected Big Frog.  (Completely in earnest, not teasing in the least.)  As she instantly realized what a galvanizing effect her words had on the team, she clarified, "I named my fish after you."

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