Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mine are glued and screwed.

So glad to be in a parade with my tap sisters and tap brothers! We celebrated Highspire's Bicentennial today. And whereas Harrisburg has a St Pat's parade every year, how often does a town have a bicentennial? (Don't think too hard on that one.)
photo source: Vicki's Tap Pups, LLC on Facebook
  • "Mine are glued and screwed." "Better be careful who you say that to!"
  • "Oh, it's a Tortilla song!"

photos mine:

Elbows! (Andrea's call for it was better)

When in doubt, hold your beltloops!

Gonna miss everyone! No goodbyes, just "see ya later"s!

Look, I'm taller than Becky!
photo source: M Rebecca Long

photo source: Janet Shatto Baderak

5-6-7-8 Tap Pups!

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