Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Goodbye is spelled F-O-O-D

Goodbye is spelled F-O-O-D.

Hello is too.  We have three new babies in our church this month so far -- that's a lot of casserole dishes zipping from house to house.  There's definitely a love language of "eat more!" 

Big Frog said that when we move, he definitely needs to prioritize finding a breakfast prayer group.  In his last week living in PA, he has eaten with the Dennitarians, the Church of Perkins, and the men's coffee group.  Collab had a kickoff picnic which, at our suggestion from last year, intentionally invited spouses and families.  Also, on virtually no notice for a sendoff dinner on a busy night, we introduced 8 people from the worship team to dim sum (literally, "to touch the heart"; practically, "Chinese tapas") at China Tea House (best Chinese food in Central PA).*

* Great WSJ article about making dim sum here.

Have we taken photos at any of these gatherings?  No.  Should we have?  Maybe.  But sometimes we (I) need to get out from behind the lens to relish the time with people.

On Big Frog's last Sunday at NCF (and as a PA resident; we packed the car the night before and he drove down to NC direct from church), our church also brought us to the front to send us off properly.  They presented us with a coffeetable book on PA that they'd signed, and had cookies after worship.  We even sang Earl's favorite hymn and mine during service.  (Part of that is making your wishes known.  While there is often cake for a sendoff, I'd emailed in that I really wasn't a cake person but loved cookies.  And with our ties to the worship team, I had no qualms about dropping an unsubtle hint about song suggestions.  That being said, I meant it to be a surprise for Earl, but I didn't doublecheck the cc list before sending the email.  Oh well.  Of all things.)

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