Friday, September 19, 2014

ISJ cd launch party

"You're here!  I thought you were not here anymore at all!  But you're here!"

"That's my party trick, I pull out the banjo!"  (Joe then proceeded to cover Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, on banjo.)

"Who gave the drummer a mic?"

What a delightful end to a day full of boxes!  (Everything I've ever owned is in a box.  But there are no boxes in the moving van.  It makes a small house super small, in a "my house is too small!" "invite the chickens indoors" "cows in the house" sense.  Next week our house Ia gonna feel huge! And while I did put everything I expect to need in a closet labeled "Do not pack", I failed to label it "Keep access clear."  Rookie mistake.)

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