Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cousins' league

I'm glad  for cousins, and glad for welcoming cousins who host the live draft.  

arroz con pollo: So, who's coming in 2nd this year?

commish: Hey!  Hey!  What's the word, "collusion"!

Pinchers of Power: Who's up?
everyone else: YOU!

da g.o.a.t: Double confirmation!  Got a "Great pick" from MVYee, and a fart sound from my brother.

arroz con pollo: If this was 2007, my team would be killing it.

commish: All deliberating over players we're gonna drop.

arroz con pollo: Hey, psalms91, just so you know, the kicker you just drafted definitely got released.
commish: Really?  Thanks, psalms91!  I've had him in my queue for like 5min.

E: [The cake] says more than Happy Birthday!  It says "Happy Birthday Champ!"
-Because "Happy birthday one-time Champ" was frowned upon.
-"Once and done?"  (It's all about subtext.)
-They didn't have room for "But now it's a new season."

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  1. Aww, wish I had been there! Maybe I would have drafted a better team. ;)