Friday, June 13, 2014

Some things stick with you.

Reddit has a new subreddit, In Brother News, in which redditors get to share stories of having or being siblings.

I am an older sister but because I'm quite petite, I haven't been a big sister since approximately the time my 3-years-younger brother learned to walk. 

I got to share a story of being the younger sibling in one instance, "when cousins fill that older-sibs role"

I have a cousin who is 2yrs older than me, and I idolized her when we were little. Whatever she suggested, I was in. Gullible, but faithful. One time her family & mine were coming home from an event and she suddenly turns to me in the backseat, ducks down, & whispers that a blue station wagon was following us, & had been following us for awhile. I panicked and did the look-no-don't-look jack-in-the-box dance. Sure enough, blue station wagon. Following us. And when we made the next turn, so did the station wagon. Were they kidnappers? Were we in danger? With what delectable candy would they attempt to lure us from my dad into that malevolent blue station wagon?

Closer and closer we got to my house, and we couldn't shake that ominous stalker. We pull into the garage and I prepare to make a frantic dash for the house. If I get out of the car first, will my cousin be safe? She's older so she should be able to run faster. Should we hold hands so we stick together no matter what?

The moment of truth. Our car stops. The blue station wagon stops. I run for the house (sorry, cuz, each for themself). And the stranger unfolding himself from the terror-mobile is... my uncle, her dad.

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