Saturday, June 7, 2014

Butterfly in the sky...

Happy 31st birthday, Reading Rainbow!

Reading Rainbow blogged some "31 years ago today" photos, such as this one of mustachioed LeVar:

I was the perfect demographic to watch Reading Rainbow through all my formative years, and as LeVar recently said, it wasn't intended to teach the reading/phonics skills (if it did, it would have had the words onscreen for all its readalouds!) so much as to nurture a love of reading. And I was and remain a voracious reader. I'm delighted that my nieces have always been bookworms and that my godson now will sit with me when I read to his younger sister. For a long time our library visits were me picking books for them to take home while they played with the many toys, games, and activities at Fredricksen Library. Lately he's been open to choosing a topic to look for more information on, such as dinosaurs, or lizards, etc.

We've certainly backed the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter, and are excited to see Reading Rainbow hit its $5m stretch goal to bring the app to all platforms, not just the web, but also to expand its iOS app to Android and to gaming platforms. After hitting the original $1m goal in 11h, the total continues to steadily tick upwards.

(I told our children's library staff they need to add a butterfly.)

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  1. I'm pretty excited about this. This is crowdfunding at its best!