Sunday, June 1, 2014

Busby Berkley was nuts.

I am writing this on March 13, 2014.
The more I write, the more I realize I can't publish it until after the Spring Show, May 31, 2014.
But initial impressions are powerful, and I sure hope I'll be a lot more comfortable with this dance with 10 more weeks of practice on it!

"In the Round" means the whole audience can see you but you can't see any of the other dancers.
As of today, my already-high-level respect for all the awesome people who routinely choreograph and act and dance in the round at Toby's Dinner Theatre moved to stratospheric admiration-bordering-on-reverence because of a tiny dose of experiential knowledge.

At church we say "Circles are better than rows", with the implication that community is build in small groups and supplemented with corporate worship. But in those circles, we all face IN.

In the round is TOUGH! The dance is suddenly a whole new monster! It's harder than "OK, this time with backs to the mirror." It's even harder than the learning curve of "same thing, opposite foot". And line dancing, with the same feet and the same arms but facing a different wall, is looking much easier than it was yesterday.
Another hundred reps. Practice-practice-practice! Another hundred reps and I'll have this down cold. Unless, of course, it changes next week.

AFTER-SHOW addendum, June 1, 2014: 
The choreography changed.  Of course it changed.  And Call Me ended up entering via what I call the "Union Jack" ("Get in your X-es!"), but instead of dancing to each corner as it was once projected, we did shift back into lines.  But still, mad props to Toby and her actor-waiters!

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