Sunday, June 1, 2014

Interpreter accomplishment: Counterpoint: UNLOCKED!

I love counterpoint.

Correction: I love singing counterpoint.
Wonderful grace of Jesus, for example.  Only hymn with a bass lead.  Great song.

But interpreting counterpoint?  I'm not an octopus, and even if I were...
For example, try fingerspelling C-A-T with one hand and D-O-G with the other hand.
It's tougher than you might think.

Today in church we sang "Everlasting God", and at 3:10 by this video, it splits into an call-echo part.  Then at 4:01 it shifts into a verse-chorus counterpoint.  That means different tunes and different WORDS for each part.

I managed to put the ladies' verse part on my left hand and the men's chorus part on my right hand so that, for the first time since I had a coterp that I could have join me for counterpoint songs, I didn't have to say, "I'm with you, and you're on your own."  (That's what I do for You are Holy, and for that matter, Wonderful Grace of Jesus, because there is simply no way.)  When we went from unison to echo I shifted my stance and indicated, "hang on, things are gonna get interesting", and when the counterpoint hit... it was impressive.  I nearly hooped and hollered and jumped around after the song ended.  In a presbyterian church, you just don't do that.  BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN UNDERSTANDABLE IF I DID. 

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