Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the 4th

Happy Star Wars Day!


And my favorite Whose Line is it Anyway? clip, Star Wars: Number of Words.1

1 Why can't I embed from YouTube via tablet?? I know how to do it via desktop. YouTube just provides the link there. But in the app, oh no.

EDIT: Embed accomplished by borrowing Earl's laptop. Still can't figure it out on the tablet. Suggestions welcome.

Additional images as the day progresses:

Liturgy runs deep.

source: Lutherans Online FB page, although I'm not Lutheran.

Here, too, is Drew McWeeny's Film Nerd 2.0: Star Wars journey introducing his two kids, aged 6&3, to the films. It was my introduction also to the idea of watching films in the sequence 4-5-(flashback to)1-2-3-(et voila, triumphant finale)6, which I definitely prefer to the sequence we got with the releases of old trilogy-new trilogy.

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