Monday, May 27, 2013


We love FlavorFest at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire1.  Free admission, free parking, free wine tastings, and local musicans and artisans -- what's not to love?  I think we've gone every year since its inception in 2008.

1Like the Farm Show, the Faire can be a location as well as an event. We go to the Renaissance Faire, weekends in August-October, and are particularly glad that our friends Barely Balanced will be returning this year, if only for one weekend of their zany cross-country schedule. But we also love FlavorFest, which happens on the fairegrounds over Memorial Day Sat & Sun. 

We particularly enjoy following local musicians2. Our perennial favorites are Indian Summer Jars, and this year we also very much enjoyed Adam Blessing (especially his secret song, #9). We were able to hear parts or whole sets of four additional groups, and we still missed a few. Other years we've delightedly discovered Rising Regina and Vinegar Creek Constituency.

We made it to three of four Indian Summer Jars sets over the weekend, and Sarah and Sarah-Beth responded to my "FB-ed "If you don't have Niagra in the setlist already, I'm going to request it!" by adding a fiddler to take it to the next level. Enjoy!

(I am inordinately proud of how this batch of photos came out. Less pleased with the sound quality, but for a voice recorder on an mp3 player, it's pretty darn good.)

2 The first year, however, what actually drew us to the event was the Peasall Sisters, who we knew from their voice work on O Brother Where Art Thou?

And, admittedly, we knew them to be the Peasall Sisters and not just the Wharvey Gals because of their guest appearance on O Veggie Where Art Thou, featuring Bob the Tomato and Larry Cucumber.

They also will be in TONIGHT's movie Ring of Fire, about June Carter Cash.  9/8Central on Lifetime!  Leah Peasall plays teen June, with her sisters Sarah & Hannah as the other members of the Carter Sisters for the teen part of the movie.  Also, their younger sisters Emma and Julia are two-thirds of the child part.  FWIW, Leah grows up to be Jewel.  In my mind, not having seen the movie yet, it's a bit like River Phoenix growing up to be Harrison Ford in Last Crusade.

For more information on the making of the movie, I commend to you Sarah's blog posts Movie-Making Memories and The Story of a Lifetime and Action and other Film Terminology.  I am super excited for them!

We also love artisan demos. Historical Glassworks demoed making a 3-stemmed decanter, which is possibly the neatest hand-blown-glass piece ever. Once the molten glass bubble is blown and elongated, the sides are flattened into a triangle, and then the glassblower inhales to collapse the triangular bubble into three tubes. Wine is therefore aerated while being poured in and out, in addition to having much surface area as it sits in the wide bottom of the decanter.

Slideshow -- all my own images.

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