Monday, May 27, 2013


TIL Johnny Cash read for audiobook the whole of the New Testament, in KNJV.
Furthermore, it has been wholly transferred to YouTube as well!
Here's the whole 27-book playlist. (There are 28 tracks, but 1Timothy is double-listed. I wonder if the compiler had a particular word from God, or was in need of one?)

Some tangential notes:
  • Big Frog's an auditory learner. When we read books together I get the print version and he the book-on-CD and it works much better that way for us.
  • Ring of Fire was a delightful movie and we were glad to see five Peasalls in it.
  • When Big Frog sings karaoke, which isn't often, so don't hold you breath, his go-to song is Folsum Prison Blues.
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