Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tapalicious! (show quotes)

Compilation started once we got into all-level rehearsals, continued thru full-cast rehearsals, up thru morning of and the show itself. Blog post published after the show.)

  • Shake your heinie! ~LuAnne (about the opening number)
  • Clumpier clumps. ~me
  • Can anyone do the splits? ~Vicki
  • I saw "orange hats" on the costume list and was ehh about it. But now that I see sequinned orange hats WITH LEDs, I have some serious hat envy. ~me
  • Nowhere else I'd rather be than making some noise with my friends and my feet. ~Becky
  • It blinks!  I have a blinky hat!  ~me
  • It sparkles.  And there's a surprise.   You might need to buy your own hat.  ~me (email to my sequin junkie)
  • One more mistake I won't make in the show.
  • I'm not aiming for perfect, my goal is immediately getting back in.  I can recover in two beats!
  • I just want to say that my baby tapped onstage for the first time.  I think you should be the finale.  ~Vicki
  • You guys rocked it!  The men are going to steal the show!
  • Ladies, I have done the unthinkable.  But now I can wear my black & whites.
  • So what are we going to talk about, ladies?  World peace?  ...I'm a nurse, I can talk about poop for days.
  • "There are no 4s."  "What?"
  • I've figured out what the walkons are for - so I'm not worried about the dance - the dance is easy!
  • "Shoulda brought some Windex."  "Things I didn't think of when I left the house this morning."
  • Raise the roof... raise the roof!  Windshield washer... windshield washer! 
  • "I like your hair!"  "You, too, may have it!"
  • (overheard backstage) I texted my husband: "I'll be the one in red."
  • Help!  Can you untie my shoes?  I'm in the NEXT NUMBER!
  • (running down the hall) I'm onstage NOWWWWWWW!
  • I guess sequins anonymous isn't very anonymous.  

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