Thursday, May 8, 2014

Broadway road trip?

"I went to see The Music Man again today," started Vicki.

Some unstated responses from the class include:

  • I didn't know it was in town.
  • Oh, that would explain why Brian's car is outside, you must have gone up to New York.
  • Matthew Broderick. Enhhhhhh. He's no Robert Preston. (This was mine.)

"So now the second set of slap-heel-heels are back in," Vicki continued.

As it turns out, the music for TAPALICIOUS is coming together, Vicki spent the day with her sound guy, and there will not be 76 trombones at the Spring Show, nor 110 cornets right behind.

Come see us! The show is going to be amazing and super fun! Come prepared to clap and sing along, tap your toes, and thoroughly enjoy your evening of song! Maybe you'll even be so inspired you sign up to join us in summer session and beyond!

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