Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Big Frog got a new tablet today. (It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. It is nicer and newer than Middle Frog's tablet.)

Middle Frog had to forcibly restrain herself from opening the package. Middle Frog loves gifties. Even when they're not for her. And honestly, this was a purchase mutually agreed-upon, and not in recognition of an event. But it came in the mail in a box to be opened. That makes it a giftie.

Big Frog got home at almost-11p and, despite knowing he had a giftie waiting for him, was ready to turn in. When Middle Frog goaded him into opening the box, he got excited, and told her,

Who has two thumbs and free XM Radio?

Well, Big Frog does. XM wrote him about it last week and it kicked in today. And Big Frog? He's a really cool frog. But wow, he would make a lousy Middle Frog! (If there was any doubt, she also would be a lousy Big Frog.)

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