Friday, March 14, 2014

"Midnight toker"? No. Just an 11yo who wants her seizures to stop, and to keep her family together.

On her eleventh birthday, Anna Knecht has one birthday wish - to receive cannabis oil here in Pennsylvania to stop her grand mal seizures. Her frequent, severe seizures have made trips to the playground and amusement park just a memory. Now, she spends her days homebound in a wheelchair, with a high risk for sudden death despite her prescription medications and surgeries. Her neurologist expects her condition to deteriorate soon and warns that she is not likely to survive to adulthood. His request to conduct a trial of high CBD hemp oil for Anna was denied. Unless Pennsylvania finds a way for her to receive this non-psychoactive oil at home, Anna and her mom will be forced to move to Colorado this fall, splitting up their family.

The Epilepsy Foundation is advocating for patients across the country to receive cannabis oil in their home states now, before time runs out. We believe that Pennsylvania can find a way. We implore you to work with others in the Pennsylvania legislature to make Anna’s Birthday Wish come true.

Please pray with us on an ongoing basis, and particularly on Anna's actual birthday, Wednesday, March 19.

The kids in my church are passionate about praying for Anna week after week. They've grown up with her and seen her regress from walking to wheelchair. In a genuinely conservative congregation, I love that the pro-marijuana crowd includes the young and sneakered who look forward to running and playing with her.


All photos from Anna's Birthday Wish, original photos by Michele Skinner and the Knecht family.

ADDENDUM: 3/19/2014
Anna's actual birthday. Card signing party #2. 250+ cards, plus coloring sheets from the kids, to be delivered to Pennsylvania legislators.

photo source: Kathryn Clymer

photo source: Anna's Birthday Wish on Facebook

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  1. Anna is so blessed by the love of Jesus shown to her through all of these dear people, especially the children!