Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Now wait. There's timing here, Kathie Lee."

I wore my gold "One" hat around downtown recently. Got a lot of compliments on it. And yes, it's now my official #annasbirthdaywish yellow wearable, but leading up to Vicki's appearance on the Today Show, it was easy to reference the Tap Pups from the Harrisburg St Patrick's Day parade (last Sat) and to drop in to "watch us, or tape it, Thursday in the 10-11am hour!"

photo source: Vicki's Tap Pups

We had a great time in the parade, too. (It's been a busy week!)

photo source for all photos not otherwise attributed: Big Frog -- additional photos available on Snapfish (free login & password required)

photo source: Brian Riordan

A few quotables:

  • Sneaker taps aren't very sneaky.
  • We've got some competition this year, so be sexy! Straight lines! ~Vicki
    Evidently straight lines are sexy. :-)
  • On the state of our educational systems, overheard by Big Frog:
    "Why do they have the Mexican flag?"
    Someone needs a good dose of Fun with Flags.
  • Everyone needs a Brian.

So... see you at the Zembo! The Spring Show is Saturday, May 31, 6pm! (It's in the round! Practice-practice-practice!)
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