Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#AnnasBirthdayWish -- compiled list of coverage

Today's the day! Happy 11th birthday, Anna!

Anna seeks Charlotte's Web cannabis oil (non-hallucinogenic) to stop her daily seizures. She has been approved for it in Colorado, but unless Pennsylvania legalizes the use of medical marijuana, she and her mom will be moving to Colorado and leaving her sister and dad behind. Her church community, neighbors, and friends rallied behind her and will be personally delivering hundreds of cards to the Pennsylvania legislators on her behalf.

Today's Anna's actual birthday. Card signing party at the church. 250+ cards, plus coloring sheets from the kids, to be personally delivered to each of the Pennsylvania legislators.

photo source: Kathryn Clymer

The Knecht family: Kaitlyn (Anna's sister) Deb, Mark, and Anna.
photo source: Anna's Birthday Wish on Facebook

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