Wednesday, August 7, 2013

'Tis the Season!

Faire season, that is! Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is upon us and I want to see everything! And everyone! And with this year's theme pirate-y, and with the different themed weekends...

There are so many Faire-vorite things, as sung by Rowan and the Rose (who are engaged to be married sometime during the season!).

Our favorite performers of all Her Majesty's entertainment is Barely Balanced, comedy - acrobat - jugglers. They're amazing and we love them and they haven't been at PARF for a couple years now, but they will be BACK for one weekend only, Sept 7-8.

We also love love love The Mad Mechanicals, who "put the shake in Shakespeare". They can sum up any of Shakespeare's plays improvisationally, and they are not afraid to lay their bodies on the line to further the humor. (Thanks, Jill! Stay dry!) Aaaand they won't be at PARF until the latter half of the season.

So we'll see Rowan and the Rose, and Empty Hats, and Circus Vagabonds this weekend, and we'll see which pirates win, and a first for us, we'll be there on Time Travelers weekend.

God save the Queen!

PS Once again, Wil Wheaton has managed to encapsulate, succinctly and from the heart, the merits of embracing geekdom in whatever form it takes. Love what you love and welcome others who love it, too.

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