Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"For the one who married young" -Addie Zierman

Here's her post, and it's a good one. Read it and come back. We'll wait.

As for us Froggins...

Big Frog and I met in Physics lab. It was my first semester at Messiah and I'd AP-ed my way into some sophmore classes. It was his first semester back after being activated to Germany with Operation Joint Endeavor. I was living away from home for the first time ever. He was living back at home... but he was never there, between 18 credit hours at Messiah, working 36h/week in Harrisburg, when his parents were in Brogue1. I say he was so stressed out that semester he gave his mom a heart attack.2

1 (near Red Lion) (Actually, neither Brogue nor Red Lion is really near anything; from his parent's old place it's an hour to everything. It's a geographical oddity.)
2 Not only did she have a heart attack the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, she kept prepping for the meal until her family forced her into the hospital, days later.3 The doctors say all the damage to her heart was because she didn't get it looked at right away. The attack wasn't bad, but continuing to strain it did all the damage.
3 That's even worse than John Addison's golf buddies sending him to the hospital after he stroked out. Not a sports "stroked out", a medical "stroked out". But he looked okay, so they sent Duane (a quadraplegic who at that point was driving the golf cart because he wasn't back to golfing yet, and who now walks unassisted) to the hospital with Addison to get him checked out while they continued to play golf. "You sent Duane?"

So that semester the prof aligned the Wed labs we were in with Thurs labs, which started 20min later. Which gave the entire class 20min in the lounge to prep. And Big Frog, who had been in classes solid since 8a, having left home well before 7a, would dash to the vending machines for "lunch", by which he means caffenation and protein. Snickers and a Coke. The lot of us would lay odds on how long it would take him to crash.

It's a love story for the ages.

We've been together since 1999, married since 2001. Twelve-and-a-half years married. We're halfway to silver! Here's to many more.

Some other excerpts of our ongoing love story:
  • The following summer, by which point we'd started corresponding with actual letters, I went to Kunming, Yunnan, China on a missions-service project. Our physics prof, his wife, and then-7mo son were also on the trip. Our prof's wife considers herself an instrumental matchmaker in our getting together because she was the one who placed my letter in the Chinese mailbox. We can accept that. Their son served as our ring bearer when he was 3yo.
  • It took us an inordinately long time to decide we were officially dating. But after we had "the talk", it took Big Frog a mere three weeks to propose.
  • I got married in the first dress I tried on. The next year I was a bridesmaid in my maid of honor's wedding and she also got married in the first dress she tried on.
  • About my wedding dress... fittings not only were a beast, as I have 6" clearance to the "petite" bar, they also were surrounded by beasts! I'd helped out in the costume shop of the theater department for years, and I asked the costumer to do my alterations. And he did... while costuming the children's theater production of Charlotte's Web.

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