Friday, August 16, 2013

If I camped

I don't. I have in the past gone to Mar-Lu Ridge with Pioneer Girls and with Child Evangelism Fellowship. And I have gone on "The last Rejoice tent-camping trip ever"1, among other tent camping adventures. But I really am a cabin camper, and even that really isn't my wheelhouse. But if I did camp, I would definitely bring/do/have these things if at all possible. Even for cabin camping. Camping hacks that are borderline genius

1 "The last Rejoice tent-camping trip ever" is an approximately quadrennial event that receives that name only after the fact. But in truth, in any youth group, about every four years there's complete turnover of students and leadership, and of course there's enough enthusiasm to get together a camping trip! The one I went on was at Assateague Island, tent camping with tent stakes not long enough to really get any grip on the soft sand and therefore tumbleweedy tents. And an ER trip when one of the students passed out from dehydration. And we "fished for our supper" (I think we ended up with leftover cantaloupe from lunch for supper). And a hurricane made landfall in the south and the related rains hit us. Oh, and the killer mosquitoes. As a friend recently said, "I have 17 mosquito bites after gardening 2h. I am fairly certain that if I went camping I would come back without legs." Our five-day trip to Assateague ended up as two and a half days there and two days in the basement of the Potter's House (the parsonage, kind of).

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