Monday, July 29, 2013

Chuck vs Les Mis

Theme song: Short Skirt, Long Jacket

No flash nor training nor all of GBeck's resources could have made both possible. When the CIA figures out how to give us more TIME, I want in on it!

Not enough time for a Chuckathon today, but we used what time we had to enjoy Chuck vs the Push Mix, grape soda (ok, Purple Cows), and cheese balls.

A real Chuckathon would of course have included Subway, but olives are verboten.

Then we went to the show.

And later, Toby's posted a cool Interview with Toby.
Tangentially, I found that in their free time, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel both love Les Mis and sing Confrontation to each other. Here they mention it to Megan Mulally on her short-lived talk show, and they are completely willing to burst into song impromptu.
I just wish the audience had let them finish it out. Can you imagine? And they were into it enough to leap to their feet -- I bet if they'd continued, they'd have been circling each other and jumping up on furniture.

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