Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beyond looking to seeing, beyond hearing to listening

The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up
[G]rasp what matters in life. Living at a slower pace still takes concerted effort.
I chose to live in today.
Big Frog and I borrowed two small frogs to go to the HIA open house.

I remember going to see the Blue Angels at Andrews Air Force Base with my dad when I was little, some special daddy-daughter time.1 And once the space shuttle flew in once on a 747, and we got to see the Concorde at that event as well.2 Also, crab cakes.

1 I called dad before writing this post to inquire whether it was really daddy-daughter time or if the whole family had gone. The recollections of a 4yo, after all, tend towards fuzzy. Evidently Murg came too? Maybe I was subconsciously trying to leave him behind?
2 Fuzzy memories again. The way I remember it, the shuttle flew in atop the Concorde. But dad assures me that it was attached to a modified 7473 and that the Concorde was nearby for care and maintenance. Even so.
3 Did you know that the shuttle launches as a rocket, does most of its travel as an orbiter, and lands as a glider? No engine, just gravity at work.
BTW, how cool a movie was SpaceCamp?

Dad used to make silver dollar pancakes with me on Saturday mornings. With mom, it was always full-sized ones, but dad put in the time and care (and precision -- once an engineer, always an engineer) to make them kid-sized.

So after the airport adventure with the small frogs, I asked Big Frog if he'd have gone without them, and if it was a better experience with or without small frogs. He said definitively that it was better with.

When prodded as to why?
"We got to play with the siren. If I had done that as an adult without kids..."

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