Friday, July 19, 2013

That's key! Philly Regional Leadership Conference, keynote John Addison, Dick Walker

Tom Safford
  • In the beginning, it will take lots of energy to get going -- it's a marathon but it starts off with a sprint.
  • If you don't deliberately form good habits you will unconsciously form bad habits.
  • Our business is doing 2 things: find out what people want and helping them get it.
Are you on course for what you want?
Quickest way to RVP is have great management exchange.
One guy went from rep to RVP in ONE MONTH!
How? Brought 100 people in 1st month.
Repetition is the thing that makes all goals achievable.

  • It's exciting to be excited - Dick Walker, ostensibly quoting Jackie Ashford
  • My success in the future depends on what looks back at me when I look at in the mirror -- nobody and nothing else. -Dick Walker
  • Where would my life have been if...? Life turns on small decisions. -John Addison
  • "God, who can we bless today?" -Julie Fisher, new RVP partner

Our Granville in Middletown PA

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