Friday, March 8, 2013

When thumbs aren't green so much as brown.

It takes a very sturdy plant to survive the particular breed of neglect I dole out.

So far, spider plants are the most sucessful, and I have some peace lillies that have done pretty well with me. But I've killed some of the most unkillable of plants. Who kills off cacti? Air cacti? Aloe vera? I finally have a philodendron that seems to be doing ok, but I've killed off any number of them too.

Plus, the weathermen forecast some devastating late-winter snow... well, I saw one eerily accurate weather map. It had a big circle labeled "0-16"".

At any rate, my yarn bag has blossomed out wonderfully. It may be the only thing to do so in my immediate surrounds, but I'm okay with that.

Pattern: 6-petal flower by Suzie's stuff

Also, a small frog has taken up residence (no big surprise, that), freehand adapted, surprisingly enough, from the center of the cabled Jayne hat, pattern available here, four rows for the head and one row in two colors for each eye.

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