Thursday, April 13, 2017

-ety jig

1000 pieces, 7 lighthouses. Saw 2 of them in person (Bodie Island & Cape Hatteras).
Over mom's 3 week stay we put together 2750 pieces of 3 puzzles in their entirety : Disney World, candy hearts, Coastal Lights of NC, plus we got the castle part of Neuschwanstein put together but not all the forest or sky of that 550, then deconstructed it because of EOPS and needing the table space.

It was a beast to do, though, because of the same edging on the real edge pieces and the internal blue/white edge. Also, I thought doing the b&w lighthouses would make picking out the pieces easy... nope!

But the pieces TOUCH wonderfully and are the most beautiful irregular shapes. Which makes for a different challenge.

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