Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Lighthouse

In our Outer Banks excursion, we intended to see the Wright Brothers National Memorial and the Bodie Island lighthouse.  But with Wright Brothers "real" (indoors) exhibit center closed for renovation, only the outdoors bits remained.  And the Bodie Island light was yet closed as the season doesn't start until midApril, and we could only tour the grounds.  So we went south as far as Hatteras, even knowing it too would be grounds only, and spent some time there, including several hours in camping chairs on the beach.  There were fishermen and surfers, seashells and sand.  MIL even overcame her fear of the ocean and went in up to her ankles (and then a wave came in and said "how about knees?").  It was wonderful.

Tangentially, I once was terping an increasingly nonsensical story about a lighthouse that was a sermon example. As the story progressed my facial expressions conveyed that I had no idea where the pastor was headed with this, but we were all along for the ride, and knowing him, there was a point in all this somewhere.

Then the president showed up in the story.

It all came clear.
OH! The WHITE House!

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