Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Beaches

Did you love Beaches?  The old one, from the 80s?

Well there's only one Divine Miss M.
But I gotta admit I loved Idina's version too.  More than I expected to.  And I feel like she and all the everyone involved loved it and wanted to remind us of all the best parts not necessarily by doing them just the same (Otto Titsling, of which I know every word, was entirely missing), but by telling the story and throwing themselves into the characters and sometimes doing all their acting just with their eyes because the story runs deep enough that eyes are all you need.

Twice I said "ooh, I'm adopting that":

the toast after CC's off-Broadway premiere:
To the right group of people
At just the right time.

& Hillary's bedtime affirmation with her daughter, a call-and-response:
Dream big & broad...
...& wide & beautiful!

And I love-love-loved Idina singing Wind Beneath My Wings and I'll Stand By You and The Glory of Love.  If this whole movie was a great big advert for Idina's latest album, it worked on me.

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