Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ice sports

Me (from the other room): What are you watching?
Big Frog: Well, it was curling, but now it's ice skating. 
Me (entering the room, where a purple and spangled skater is gliding across the tv screen):  I know what you mean, and you stated it very clearly, but my version is better.  In my mind, the curler let go the rock and decided, "I think I'm gonna do a triple toe, right now."

photo from Yee-union Calgary, 2011.  "Curling is the lifeblood of our country" ~quoted from the Sports Hall of Fame at Calgary Olympic Park

Similarly, I told another friend recently about road stories: when you see something interesting, everyone has to tell a story about what they're carrying and what they're going to do with it.  There are separate categories for reasonable accuracy ("yeah, that makes sense"/"I suppose you're right") and absurd creativity.  This can be implemented when you see an oddly shaped bundle on the back of a pickup, or a car packed to the gills, or a product placement tractor trailer, but it's most fun when there's something truly unexpected on the roads, like in her particular case, a pair of massive turbines.  Or one time I was followed thru Harrisburg by the Kissmobile.

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