Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So cute and little!

At HIA's open house (these pics are from 2013), we got some closeups with the plows.

Granted, these are the heavy-duty runway plows, but even the plows that do the side streets use one swipe for a lane of traffic. On highways, sometimes you see them drive in diagonal formation so snow plowed by one truck is systematically pushed to the next truck doing the next lane.

But now we live in NC.
And things are different here.

Hours later, closer to sundown than sunup (Spoiled because Selah and Gaude were both on main roads. Even my parents' house is on a through street.), we heard scraping, and sure enough, here comes the calvary.


It's a Bobcat.

And its slightly more sizable friend.

Does that even have a plow? Oh wait, the plow is directly underneath the driver. What!?

They went back and forth, forth and back, possibly a dozen times for our side street.
There is an inch of accumulation out there.

Welcome to the south, my friend.

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