Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bobcat snow

Ahh, majestic creatures, bobcats.

source: Ohio DNR

< auditory screech >

But wait.
Don't you live in the suburbs?

Actually, yes.
And it snowed enough that our screen porch is snowy.

And our Bobcats, as it turns out, actually are in the neighborhood to do sewer work.

Which they can't do when there's 5" of white stuff (more manna!) on the ground.
(Could be worse. We were in the 5-12" stripe of the forecast.)

So the gents, who actually hail from south Georgia, have made themselves available for private snow removal.

Coming from a driveway that is exactly one car length long and two car widths wide to a heck of a driveway, we took them up on it.

Sure beats using a dustpan.


  1. That's even more snow than we have!

    1. Are you still in Texas?
      In what world does North Carolina have more snow than Minnesota??

  2. I'm sure happy to be in Texas but have to admit that your pictures show a beautiful snowy landscape. You made a wise choice using those "bobcats."