Tuesday, August 5, 2014


My dashboard lights blinked out on me today.  THAT was disconcerting.  And it was just the dashboard lights -- the radio's lights and the odometer LCD, both on the dimmer were just fine.  But I called my mechanic friend to see if he knew what fuse needed to be replaced and he said he'd take a look.  It wasn't a fuse.  He said the whole dome of the dash would have to be taken apart to see what was wrong.  Bummer.  How expensive/time consuming would that be?

Well, we hadn't talked for awhile so we chewed the fat for about 20 min (lots of changes in both our families), and I suddenly looked over to discover that my dash lights were back on!  Entirely of their own accord.  My car healed itself.  (Amazing self-healing machine, HOOH!)

I told my friend he should add that to his resume, that he laid hands on cars to heal them.

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