Saturday, April 12, 2014

Winners WIN!

Winners win. They dont whine, they dont quit, they dont make excuses.

(Sorry. This entire post is just jotted most-impactfuls. But better for me to just go ahead and post it than to let it languish in my drafts folder. It's really for me to go back and review anyways.)
12 things that make ppl rich (Jerry Cipolla):
  • 1 pma - attitudes are not for sale; attitudes are the decisions you make - what attitudes do i have on a daily basis? can't control what happens but can control how you respond to it
  • 2 sound physical health - the healthier you are, the more energy you have and the better decisions you make
  • 3 harmony in human relations - stop being pissed off at ppl - if they're not gonna talk about it at your funeral, don't worry about it
  • 4 freedom from fear - what are you afraid of? fear of failure ? gotta cut that out
  • 5 the hope of future achievement - that's why you need goals - in your car, the rearview window is small and the windshield is large
  • 6 the capacity for applied faith - "I will be receiving $30k of unexpected income this month"
  • 7 willingness to share one's blessings with others - attitude, experiences, fun demeanor
  • 8 to be engaged in a labor of love
  • 9 open mind towards all subjects on all people - other cultures, etc - ppl like ppl like themselves - so gotta be a chameleon
  • 10 complete self-discipline
  • 11 wisdom with which to understand ppl - work hard on understanding vs being understood (St Francis?)
  • 12 financial security

Joe Cardino
  • things will not change unless i change
  • it's gonna be a great appointment!

Ensor's gravesite: The minor adj a winner has to make are so basic and simple that they appear ridiculous. that's why most ppl don't adjust. That's why most ppl don't win.
Jimmy Meyer
  • what a difference a year can make! what will you look like next year is based on what decisions you make now game plan for pt: cf $1500/mo, invest $500 (pay yourself first), 21 yrs at 9% is $560k
  • good decisions compound and bad decisions compound
  • what's your dream?

Joe Cardino
Treat ppl before they become what you envision them becoming

This yr's highs are next yr's lows if we concentrate on consistency and grow cashflows

new ring-wearer Joe Monte
be excited abt pri, be excited to be you
i'm not a qb
but qb can't make the pass w/o blockers. and qb can't make the catch
qb won't make hof w/o completions
so figure out who you are and go recruit the other 10 ppl

Jimmy: potential don't pay the bills, results pay the bills
break your limiting beliefs -- you can do anything you believe you can
the little things make the big things possible
anybody can do the big things, and don't want to miss it b/c of the silly things. CONCENTRATE!

Karen Mahida:
it's my time
I am ready to change, ready to win

Sanjay Mahida:
the trouble is, if i don't risk anything, i risk more
get around ppl who help us create our vision bigger

get crazy goals!

success comes when you have no other options ~ensor

Jim Penn
diff b/t successful and unsuccessful ppl is successful ppl know what they want in life
if ever find self unmotiv, that means you're not in touch with your goals
i am the architect of my life

either gotta start over mentally or get out
winning's tough
but losing's tougher

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