Monday, April 7, 2014

...and the tissue box is empty. *Retreat complete!*

photo source: NCF Facebook page
(The slogan at Greenwood Hills is "Christ Preeminent", which curiously was Messiah's slogan when I was a student there. Think there aren't circles in life? Think again. When a lesson doesn't get learned, or when it gets forgotten, sooner or later it gets reintroduced.)

Had a great Women's Retreat with my sisters from NCF this weekend. We left homes and families to fend for themselves (waves at Big Frog) and spent slightly over a day focusing on the Road to Sanctification, which I gotta be honest, I intentionally continue to call the Road of Sanctification. Everyone's road is different and continues as long as we each are alive.

photo source: Megan Fetterolf
photo source: Megan Fetterolf

Our guest speaker was Mary Beth McGreevy, and my small group had the additional blessing of Mary Beth fully involving herself in our discussions (and even in the Amazing Race-styled scavenger hunt). I'm used to speakers floating amongst groups during small group time, or else taking those interludes as their personal time. Thanks to Mary Beth for her pouring into us in both the larger sessions and especially in small group.

photo source: (left) Megan Fetterolf; (right) Michelle Nestor

A few key bits:

  • God, we are shocked, but you are not.
  • How big is your God?
  • Praying for more than contentment -- pray for joy.
  • Who are you, LORD? What shall I do?
    Our mission depends on Christ and our identity in Christ.
  • Who's the least likely person you know to accept Christ?
    Problem of we get tired of praying for inconvertable people.
    God is still in the business of saving people.
    I am the least likely.
  • God's grace gift to you.
  • Be present.
  • Sanctification is both the work of God and the responsibility of God's people.
  • Sanctification is something we pursue -- can't do nothing today and expect to wake up more holy tomorrow.
  • You become like that which you contemplate-worship-fill your thoughts and minds with God
    Spurgeon describing Bunyan - if you cut him, he bled Bible
  • God gives you this time to contemplate.
  • Remember, God gives the growth!
  • Would a toddler say, "Why should I try to run? I'll just fall down, so why even try." We have way too big a view of ourselves! We're 14mo trying to walk, and when we fall down, God scoops us up, kisses booboos, and encourages us to try again.
    God delights to have us try to walk.
    It's not about our ability but God's enabling
  • Lightbulbs don't work without power.
    Because God works, we work.
    Trust God with all the results.

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