Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baltimore Stallions (Coulda been the Hippos!)

I don't remember the Colts moving away in the dark of night on Mayflower moving vans.
(Why?  Well... I was four.)
But I know it happened.

Did it affect me?
Not so much at that point.

In fact, I wasn't really into football of any kind until I married Big Frog.
(And not just because one week after I was married, the Ravens became SuperBowl champions.)
(But it doesn't hurt.)

I do remember the excitement of football coming back to Baltimore.

But the Ravens (which are my boys!) weren't the first.
Before there were Ravens, there was the CFL (Canadian Football League) in Baltimore.

Interesting oral history of the Baltimore Stallions available at The Baltimore Sun: Baltimore's Forgotten Champions.

I remember the naming competition.  And I remember (of all things!) that if we had the Baltimore Hippos, we could "Hipp...O!" in the National Anthem, much like we do at Orioles games.
(There's no "O" in Ravens.  But that has never ever stopped a Baltimoron.)

Anyways, read the oral history.  You'll be glad you did.

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