Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Messiah College, class of 2030 and 2032

Is it brainwashing, a little bit? Probably yes. But don't you think your brain needs to be washed?

Positive expectations. Let's go with that.

So I took the godkids over to campus today: beautiful fall day, blue skies, leaves changing color, students all over campus (We hadn't been there since summertime, when Messiah is mostly conferences rather than students). And with Big Frog advising a Collaboratory group this year, he's on campus every week, and he passes along greetings from the faculty and staff on a consistent basis; a little friendly pressure to come visit. Not only did we both graduate from Messiah, Big Frog also worked there for years as their first electrical engineering technician. So we're enthusiastic about the godkids getting involved.

But unlike at Cupboard Maker ("You can't go in the staff areas because you don't work here, yet!"), at Messiah we not only went down the classroom halls, we also went to where the teachers (professors, obviously, but how do you explain that to kids in preK and kindergarten?) have their offices. And they got to meet the department admin, who fortunately is possibly the most relationship-oriented person I know. Any plans she had to accomplish stuff in her last half-hour of the day went out the window when we showed up, and the kids were playing with all the animal puzzles she had from assorted Burkina Faso trips, as well as a solar-powered dancing flower. Intrigued, they said it ran by "Magic!"

That being said, they also said there were monsters in Frey, to which the admin replied that there were, "No monsters, only engineers."

Also, in terms of family history, M&D have always known, from the very first time we visited Messiah, that Uncle Big Frog used to work in the blue building, Frey, and Aunt Middle Frog used to work at the library, Murray. But today they mind-blowingly learned that the launch area by the creek used to be all grass, and that was where Uncle Big Frog asked Aunt Middle Frog to marry him. ("WHAT?!?!?!") And they also saw the building (Solly) where Aunt Middle Frog used to live when she was exactly the same age as their oldest sister is right now.

We'll let that bounce around in their brains for awhile. Class of 2030 and 2032.

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