Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mad Hatter

Taa daaah! 

And this Halloween top hat is done (after easily three hats worth of unpicking and redoing, and trips to two different craft shops before finding more of the color I started with at WalMart, which admittedly is probably where I found the color initially) well before 1) any of the Halloween parties we've been invited to and 2) before our next trip to the Ren Faire.
More touchups! And I wore it to the Faire1 and to the Cupboard Maker Halloween party. Inordinately pleased with myself as a Maker.

1 So glad to have a costume that warmly kept my head covered -- never been to the Faire in October before. Usually we're there in August on a Hot Faire Day. (Rowan and the Rose have spoiled The Wild Rover for me with this delightful parody.)

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